Friday, January 8, 2010

Vintage stamps

I finally got around to ordering some vintage stamps from Errol Murphy, whom I read about on The Missive Maven blog. They arrived yesterday, and I love them!

My only problem...I ordered these to use as postage on letters, but there are so many cool stamps in the package, I want to keep them instead of sticking them on envelopes!

As mentioned on other letter writing blogs, Murph (as he signs his e-mails) sells the stamps at face value plus the cost of postage. My order of $25 worth of stamps needed only 44 cents in postage.

The stamps are all unused and able to be used as postage on letters mailed from the United States. They range in denominations from 3 cents to 33 cents, with many of the stamps being in in the 20- to 33-cent range.

If you'd like some stamps, contact Murph by e-mail at . He'll want to know if you have any special requests, such as wildlife or sports, etc. I was happy to let him pick out a nice variety for me.  Included were several letter-writing themed stamps, as well as a Scouting stamp (I'm a Girl Scout troop leader). Of course, there are many other stamps, featuring animals, comic strips, history, flowers and more.

I can't wait to start using these fun stamps!


chandlerguera said...

Murph has a great collection of stamps and is a perfect resource for the snail mail community! The first time I saw one of Missive Maven's outgoing letters with tons of cool stamps on there, I knew I was hooked! I'm watching for these unused oddball stamps at estate sales now, and of course, I order from Murph!

Postmuse said...

I love Murph. I get a monthly envelope from him and it always brings a smile. This morning i was looking at the slim pickings for fun new postage at and realized I am better off just sending Murphy a $100 check instead and getting a ton more variety.

One of the things I do with the postage I love most is use it to send mail to myself. Often it goes on one of the "orphaned" postcards for my project, which end up back with me, but I also write myself notes and mail them. Makes for a nice journal idea.

phonelady said...

oh wow Im having stamp envy instead of paper envy now LOL !!! Those are awesome thanks for sharing and posting .

HereBeDragons said...

I too meant to send my stamps from Mr. Murphy on letters as postage, but love them so much! Yours are great, too, and I'm coveting them. When I get down to no stamps though, I'm forced to use my vintage stamps!

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