Sunday, January 31, 2010

Letter #31

Letter writing topic for January 31, 2010:

Today, let's get a little silly! Write a letter from your pet. No, not to your pet. That would be ridiculous, right? Pets can't read! Write a letter from your pet.Now, this type of letter works best either to fellow pet lovers who are as nutty about their pets as you are about yours or to children who won't think it quite so weird to get a letter from a dog or a cat or a hamster or a goldfish.

When I was a kid, my aunt Gladys would occassionally write my brother and sister and me a letter from her cat. I'm sure I still have a letter or card from her somewhere. If I remember correctly, the letters were "signed" with a hand-drawn pawprint. On at least one occasion, we wrote back from our cat, Kitty, and he signed his name with a real pawprint, after we put one of his paws on an ink pad. I know we had fun with the project, and I don't think Kitty minded much.

(If you don't have a pet, try writing a letter from any other animal...maybe the bird you see on your way to work/school every day or the squirrel that steals nuts from your tree.)

Most of all, have fun and...write a letter!

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