Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Letter #5

Letter writing topic for January 5, 2010:

Today, write a letter to a person older than you. Write about something relevant to your life. If your letter recipient is much older than you, ask them to compare your topic to their life when they were your age. For example, you might mention that you have a new MP3 player. Give some details, such as how many songs you have on it, etc. Then, ask how he or she listened to music when they were younger. Or, maybe talk about how scarves are popular this season and ask if she wears or used to wear scarves. If you think your recipient doesn't have a chance to get out as much as they used to, you might include a little gift of some stationery, stamps, a pen, maybe a small address book.

If you say you are the oldest person you know, write to a younger person! If you want to, write about a current topic and then connect it to something from your past. For example, you might mention how you have a new MP3 player and how different it is from the old record player you used to have. Don't forget to ask some questions so that your recipient will have something to write back about. If you think that your recipient is not too familiar with pen and paper letter writing, send a little gift of some stationery or postcards and stamps. If you don't mind receiving an e-mail response, be sure to include your e-mail address.


phonelady said...

How clever you are my dear . I love the idea thanks for the inspiration.

Karen said...

Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog. I'm going to try to follow along this year and write more letters! I love your ideas.

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