Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Letter # 6

Letter writing topic for January 6, 2010:

Today, write an encouraging letter to a friend who needs a little boost. I've been reading "What Matters Now," a eBook coordinated by Seth Godin. I found it on the Kind Over Matter
blog yesterday; it's downloadable for free. The book features a collection of essays, thoughts, comments, ideas, etc. from a variety of writers, artists, bloggers, etc. I'm not finished with the book, but some of the first pages are very inspiring. From Jacqueline Novogratz, the founder of the Acumen Fund and
author of The Blue Sweater:  " a world where everything is connected, the most important thing we can do is treat our fellows with dignity." And Rajesh Setty, an entrepreneur, author and speaker based in Silicon Valley, says this: "We are all on a search – a search for more meaning in our lives. Through choosing to enrich other people’s lives, you add meaning to both their life and your own."

So, even if you feel like you need a little encouragement yourself, try to put your problems and issues aside for a few minutes and write a letter to a friend with an encouraging word. If you know he or she would like a little advice, offer up your suggestions. If you're not sure about giving unsolicited advice, you might mention that you have some ideas, if they'd like to talk. Let your letter recipient know you're available.

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