Friday, January 8, 2010

Letter #8

Letter writing topic for January 8, 2010:

Yesterday's letter writing suggestion was to write a complaint letter. Today, let's do the opposite...write a compliment letter. A what? you ask. A compliment letter. No one ever thinks about writing those. Every day, you visit businesses and use services with which you are pleased. Maybe the cashier at the grocery store was especially friendly yesterday or the waitress brought you extra rolls without you even having to ask. But, do you ever think to write a letter complimenting the person who made your shopping experience a nice one? Well, do it today! Try to remember the person's name (sometimes it is on the receipt) and write a letter to his or her boss, telling them what a nice time you had in the store, what a good job the employee did, how good the items you bought are, etc. Just like for yesterday's complaint letter, look up the company's owner or CEO and send him or her a copy of the letter. Give some details, tell when you were using their services and what you purchased. Explain exactly what the employee did to give you such a good impression of the business. Go ahead, make someone's day brighter!


HereBeDragons said...

Having worked in the service industry once or twice in my life, I know that these are greatly appreciated! What a lovely idea.

phonelady said...

that is a really great idea and love it and thanks for sharing .

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