Thursday, January 28, 2010

Letter #28

Letter writing topic for January 28, 2010:

Today, write a letter to your daughter (or someone who is like a daughter to you). Tell her how much she means to you, tell her how much it means to you to be her mother. Try not to nag or reprimand. Just let it be a supportive letter that she'll cherish.


ShEiLa said...

I wrote both of my daughters a letter about the day they were born. (back in August) However, I will write both of them today. YOU can never have enough GOOD snail-mail.


ecologic storyteller said...

Sounds amazing. I wished to get a letter from my mother, it would be better than all the gifts she could thought to give me. I should write her a letter too. :)

Good idea!


Kylita said...

Hi there ... thanks for stopping at my SisSTAR Kylita blogspot and commenting about Tuffy the cat. I checked out yours on your other blog, too. Beautiful.
By the way, before I read this blog just now, I've written about 8 cards and/or letters in the past few days. My mom was a letter writer and she passed it down to me. There aren't so many of us out there, and I'm glad to see the practice still flourishes somewhere. I used to write my grandma letters before I knew how to write, just scribbling all over the paper, and I was enthralled when she'd write me back and mom would read them. I still have letters from my mother who has been dead now for 17 years and when I reread them it is such a warm and close feeling for me. I even wrote her some letters after she died since we'd written back and forth all my life, it just seemed natural. I highly recommend that ... if anyone has lost someone (of course, by that I mean if someone close has died) try writing them a letter and pouring your heart into it, in case things were left unsaid or just to "catch up". It's my thought and I'm sticking to it ;oD
Nice to make your acquaintance.

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