Friday, January 1, 2010

Letter # 1

Letter writing topic for January 1, 2010:

Write a letter to yourself, to be opened on December 31, 2010. What could you tell yourself? Maybe you could set some goals (that you'll want to keep a copy of to refer to throughout the year), maybe mention some hopes and dreams. You might want to be inspiring, encouraging, forgiving of your 2009 self, as well as the person you might be at the end of 2010. Mention some long-term goals so that when you're getting ready to enter 2011, you'll remember the direction you're supposed to be heading. Of course, in a year, you may read what you wrote, laugh and say, "Yeah, that didn't work out, now did it?" On the other hand, you might say, "Wow! That was a great idea I had! What a wonderful year it's been!" Either way, you'll have something to read on Dec. 31. Now, you can you mail it to yourself or not. As far as I know, the technology or power doesn't exist to drop a letter in the mailbox tomorrow and have it delivered to your mailbox on Dec. 31. (Although, there might be a service that would handle it for you, I'm not sure.) But, you can mail it to yourself, and when you get it in a day or two, hide it away in your sock drawer or a jewelry box for safekeeping (oh! how about in a safe deposit box at the bank!) until the end of the year. Or, you can forego the stamp, mailbox and postal service and just put the letter straight into your hiding place.

In almost a year, I'll remind you to go look for that letter and see what you wrote!


Anonymous said...

I love this idea!! I'm going to do that today. A bit late but that's okay. :o)

Jackie Flaherty said...

I am going to do this. I signed up for some classes this year and think that this will work perfectly to see if they were worth the time, effort and money.



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