Thursday, May 3, 2012

Letters in the news

There are quite a few stories out there about letters. Take a look at some of them, for inspiration in your letter-writing adventures:

Emma Johnson won a Royal Mail letter writing contest by writing about the Olympics.

A letter written in 1840 by shipwreck heroine Grace Darling (what a great name!) was recently sold at auction for about $744 (US dollars).

Teen novelist Steph Bowe (author of "Girl Saves Boy") lists seven things she would like to be able to write, including letters.

Blogger Shoko writes an interesting post about letter writing and wonders if anyone has any letter-writing ideas to share.

Lust For Life blogger Mary attended the letter writing social at the U.S. Postal Museum in Washington, D.C., and she has fascinating photos and stories to share!

Delightful artist Susan Branch has a fun post on her blog about writing letters.

So, before you sit down with pen and paper today, take a stroll around the Internet and check out some of the stories and posts about our beloved "snail mail." Maybe you'll even find a new friend or two.

(Clip art courtesy of The Graphics Fairy.)

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