Monday, August 7, 2017

Friendship Day

"Gifts of Friendship" notecards from the USPS.
Oops. Looks like I missed Friendship Day yesterday. Fortunately for letter writers, Friendship Day can be any day you choose to write a letter to a friend!

This year, the U.S. Postal Service released a set of stamps featuring Disney's villains. But, in 2004, the Disney stamps featured Disney friends. I looked around online, and it looks like you can still find a few of the friends stamps, if you're willing to pay more than face value.

Still for sale in the USPS online shop are the "Gifts of Friendship" notecards and matching stamps. That set celebrates the bond between the United States and Japan on the centennial of the gift of dogwood trees from the United States to Japan in 1915. I wrote in detail about those stamps on this blog last year (click here to read that post). The USPS also issued related stamps in 2012.

No matter what kind of stamps or notecards you use, go ahead and write a letter to a friend today. Keep in mind, friends don't have to be only friends; they can be relatives or in-laws, too.

Happy belated Friendship Day!
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