Sunday, February 27, 2011

Letter Writing Topics #58-64 (Feb. 27-March5)

Here are some letter writing topics for this week:

#58 (Feb. 27): Is there a particular type of house that you've always dreamed of living in? Do you dream of a mansion with many rooms or a simple home with just enough space for you? Do you fancy a log cabin or an English garden cottage? Write a letter today about your dream home.

#59 (Feb. 28): In a few weeks, England's Prince William and Kate Middleton will get married. If you were invited to the wedding, what would you take as a wedding gift? Make that the topic of today's letter.

#60 (March 1): Write about a country you'd like to visit.

#61 (March 2): If you're like me, you write lots of different letters -- business letters, family letters, love letters, etc. Some days you write to people who will write you back, other days you write letters that you know will never be answered, but still you write. Today, write a letter to a penpal who you know will return the favor.

#61 (March 3): Write a letter about your favorite book.

#62 (March 4): Write a letter about your favorite childhood memory.

#63 (March 5): Today, write a letter to a shut-in, someone who for some reason or another is stuck indoors. Make your letter a beam of sunshine in their day.

Happy letter writing!

Friday, February 25, 2011

2011 Letters Project

Have you heard about the 2011 Letters Project?

Renee and her family are trying to collect 2,011 letters in the year 2011. They're hoping to get letters from 2,011 different people, and they want them to be real letters (NOT postcards).

Renee and her husband have three daughters, and they're hoping that this will be an educational, as well as fun, project. As of this past Tuesday, they have received 30 letters. The family is posting information about and photos of the letters on their blog.

Read all about the project and how it's going at 2011 Letters. Then, sit down and write them a letter!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Letter Writing Topics #51-57 (Feb. 20-26)

And, with this post, I should be caught up on posting letter writing topics. A new list of topics will be posted on Sunday, Feb. 27. Thanks for your patience.

Letter #51 (Feb. 20): Write a letter about something that makes you smile. Your kids, a TV show, a memory, whatever makes you smile, write about it in a letter today.

Letter #52 (Feb. 21):  Write a letter about what you had for lunch. Did you have time for a leisurely homemade lunch or did you pick up a quick one from a fast food joint? Or, was it somewhere in between? What does your lunch say about you and your life? Write about it in a letter.

Letter #53 ( Feb. 22): Write a letter sharing the best advice you've ever received and how it helped you.

Letter #54 (Feb. 23): Write a letter to a stranger. Now, I'm not suggesting that you become a stalker. But, you can write a letter to a celebrity, the owner of a shop that you admire, the CEO of a company whose products you like, etc.

Letter #55 (Feb. 24): What's your favorite cartoon? Haven't watched one in a while? What was your favorite cartoon when you were a kid? Write a letter about your favorite cartoon.

Letter #56 (Feb. 25): Write a compliment letter. Letter #49 was a complaint letter. Most people are accustomed to people complaining about something they do, especially people who work with the public. But, today, surprise someone by writing a letter to compliment what they do or say. Make an even bigger impact by sending a copy of the compliment to the person's boss, letting them know how much you appreciate his/her employee.

Letter #57 (Feb. 26): Write a letter today about one of your favorite foods, and include a recipe.

Happy letter writing!

Letter Writing Topics #44-50

I'm getting closer to getting caught up!

Letter #44: Write a letter about what you see out your window. Don't make this complicated. Just write a simple letter telling a friend what you're looking at today.

Letter #45: Write a love letter.

Letter #46: Generate a smile today! Write a letter and include your favorite joke!

Letter #47:  Write a letter to one of your uncles.

Letter #48: Write a letter about your favorite blog. If you have a blog that you just really love to read, share the news with someone. Maybe even make a print-out or two of some of your favorite posts.

Letter #49: Write a complaint letter. Now, you don't have to be mean or rude, but maybe there's something that's been bugging you lately, something that you need to deal with. Maybe you just need to inform a business of a faulty product. Maybe you need to request a refund. Maybe you need to tell a boss that his employees were texting the entire time you were trying to get service. It's a letter you need to write.

Letter #50: After yesterday's letter of complaint, it's time to be a little more positive. Write a letter of encouragement today. Encourage a friend, encourage a young relative, encourage a co-worker, even encourage a stranger with an anonymous act of kindness letter. But, boost someone up today.

Happy letter writing!

Letter Writing Topics #37-43

Continuing with the catching up....

Letter #37:  Write a letter to the relative you find most interesting. Ask him or her a few personal things. Tell him/her a few things about yourself. Try to start up a real pen-friendship.

Letter #38: Write a letter sharing a bit of good news.

Letter #39:  My daughter was recently wanting to see something with fashions from the 1970s. I suggested my husband's high school yearbooks. I'm sure some people look back at those days and wish they hadn't worn some of those things. Is there a fashion item you regret wearing in the past? Write a letter about it, with a chuckle, today.

Letter #40:  Write a letter to one of your aunt.

Letter #41: At our house right now, the main topic of conversation is Girl Scout cookies! My daughter is a Girl Scout, and I am her troop leader. And, it's Girl Scout Cookie season. Do you have a favorite? Thin Mints? Shortbread (aka Trefoils)? Write about your favorite Girl Scout cookie in a letter.

Letter #42: Write about the hardest job you've ever had to do. Have you had many jobs? Do you find it more difficult to do physical labor or to sit inside at a desk all day? Write about your tough jobs in a letter.

Letter #43: Write a letter about the weather. I know here in the U.S., it's been a winter to write about! Even down here in Texas, we had such a snow and ice storm that our local school district was closed for four days. Rather than risk my life on the snow-covered highway, I worked from home those days, as well. Sometimes weather letters seem cliche, but make your letter one that will delight your recipient.

Happy letter writing!

Letter Writing Topics #30-36

I'm working on catching up my list of letter writing topics to today's date. (Read here for a brief explanation about why I'm a little bit behind in posting.)

Letter #30: Write a letter describing the stupidest email scam you've ever received. On a daily basis, I get email after email from scammers claiming they have very large sums of money that they're just dying to give me. Some claim to literally be dying, and for some reason they want to give all their money to me. Others purport to be from U.S. soldiers, the FBI, deposed world leaders, etc. Of course, all I have to do to receive the millions I'm offered is to send them my name, phone number, address and sometimes my bank account info and social security number. Needless to say, I've never received any of this wealth. But, then, I've never contacted any of the scammers. Do you get those emails, too? Write about it in a letter.

Letter #31: Write a letter about the condition of your desktop. I won't go into details about mine, but understand that I do NOT believe in the adage of "cluttered desk, cluttered mind."

Letter #32: Write a letter about where your ancestors came from. That's often a big deal to Americans, since many have ancestors who were immigrants from another country. But, even if your family has lived on the same piece of land for centuries, that will be interesting to your pen pal.

Letter #33: Write a letter about the word you misspell most often.

Letter #34: Write about your favorite magazine. Oh, I know. Print is supposed to be obsolete. But, is there a magazine you still enjoy reading the paper and ink version of? Write about it!

Letter #35: Write a letter to or about your grandfather.

Letter #36: Write a letter telling the recipient what you admire most about him/her. Make it sincere. Say it with love.

Happy letter writing!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Letter Writing Topics #23-29

Continuing with the catching up....

Letter #23: What would you do if you won the lottery? I'll tell you right up front....I am NOT one of those people who would (will?) say, "This won't change me; I'll still keep doing what I'm doing..." Oh, no! Not me. I have lots of stuff I'd do if I no longer needed to work. Some of it's charitable; some of it's indulgent. But most of it is different than what I'm doing now. Of course, I'd have to actually buy a lottery ticket in order to win, and I rarely buy lottery tickets. But, when I do, I always play the "game," of "what would I do?" Think about it, and write a letter about it.

Letter #24: Write a letter to your grandmother. If you can't do that, write a letter about your grandmother.

Letter #25: Write a letter about a charity that you support and why. You don't have to ask for a donation to your charity, just write about it in a letter-y sort of way.

Letter #26: How do you cope with the curves life throws you? Write a letter to someone who could use a pick-me-up right now.

Letter #27: What's your favorite beverage? Milk? Coke? Dr Pepper? Iced tea? Hot tea? Lemonade? Write a letter about your favorite beverage today!

Letter #28: Write a letter about a bad habit you'd like to break. Tell a little bit about what you're doing or not doing toward reaching your goal.

Letter #29: Write about something you wish you had time to do. Why are you putting it off? What will it take for you to be able to do it? Write about it!

Happy letter writing!

Letter Writing Topics #16-22

I'm trying to catch up the list of letter writing topics for 2011. I've fallen a little behind in my postings (for the brief details, read here).

Letter #16: Write a letter you don't want to put off any longer. Is there something you need to say to someone? Something you've been meaning to write but keep putting off? Maybe there's no reason other than you've been busy. Write that letter today.

Letter #17: Write a letter to your Dad today. If you can't do that, write a letter about your Dad or to someone you think of as a Dad.

Letter #18: Do you have a cat or a dog? A fish? A bird? A hamster? A snake, turtle, lizard? What kind of a pet do you have? If you don't have one, what kind of a pet do you wish you had? What pet did you have in the past? Write a letter about your pet, or one you wish you had, today.

Letter #19: Write about an event that has changed your life.

Letter #20: What's your favorite snack? Do you have a sweet tooth or do you crave something salty? Do you prefer a mid-afternoon snack or a midnight snack? Write a letter about your snacking habits today!

Letter #21: Write a letter about your dream job. Maybe it's the job you have now. Maybe it's a job you're hoping to get.

Letter #22: Write about your technology level. Do you have the latest, greatest cell phone, laptop, electronic reader, etc.? Are you on Facebook, Twitter, Blogger and more? Or, do you have a rotary-dial phone at home and go down to the library to read blogs? Write a letter about your technology skills or lack thereof.

Dear Blog Readers,

I do want to apologize for not posting recently.

Just a few minutes after my last post on January 12, 2011, I received a call from my mom, letting me know that my dad had a heart attack and had died suddenly and unexpectedly.  As you can imagine, this immediately turned my world upside down for several days, if not weeks. Even after everything stopped spinning, I have been a little out of sorts and haven't posted lately.

I will resume posting this week. And, I will go ahead and post the missing weeks' letter writing topics, just in case anyone is wanting to write 365 letters but did not start on January 1. Hopefully, I'll be caught up by the end of the week.

Thank you for reading this blog.


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