Friday, January 1, 2010

365 Letters in 2010

I mentioned in my last blog post that I have a new plan for 365 Letters in 2010. I will continue to blog about letter writing, sharing information about other blogs and Web sites, museums, exhibits, postal news and history, as well as fun stuff, like quotes, songs, etc. that mention letters. And, I'll continue to write letters. But, I'm not going to commit to writing a letter every day. We'll just say I'll write "a lot" of letters in 2010, how's that? But, for a daily activity (that's what the "365" implies, isn't it?), I'll post a daily letter writing topic.

Of course, no one needs to feel the pressure to write a letter every day, but if you're inclined to write a letter on any given day, you can check in here and see what I suggest. On days that the topic doesn't suit you, look to see if I've made an alternative suggestion. Or, just pick another day, maybe there'll be a topic somewhere along the way that will inspire you to put pen to paper.

Now, if you'll notice, I didn't say that I'll come up with 365 unique letter writing ideas. I'm sure somewhere along the way, I'll have duplicates, maybe even more than that. But, I'll try to have some time lapse between duplicated topics.

Since there are bloggers and blog readers all over the world, I'll try to have each letter writing topic post right after midnight Central Standard (or Daylight) Time, because that's my time zone. I guess that makes sense. It may take me a few days to get everything settled, though.

Happy New Year's! Best of luck in 2010!


Emma said...

I like this! I'm sure you will inspire me in 2010. =)

phonelady said...

Im sure you will inspire many ppl to put pen to paper.

Unknown said...

You inspire many people, including me. Thank you for continuing to post on your blog. Your 2010 concept is fantastic!

Malea said...

I think I've commented a few times on your blog now. I love it!

I would love to see some ideas or tips for getting kids involved in letter writing. My son is 12 and, of course, isn't too interested in what mom has to say about letter writing! On the other hand, he tells me, "I don't know what to write..." He has three friends with whom he is exchanging letters. He likes to do it but has a hard time getting started. Any thoughts?


Unknown said...

I love this idea of writing letters. Ever since I was 11 or 12 years old I enjoyed getting letters and stuff in the mail. I have 8 grandkids some of whom are at the reading and writing age and I'm going to send them letters.

Unknown said...

I see that there is information up to the end of 2010. What is happening in 2011?

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