Friday, May 1, 2009

Send an encouraging word

Push the Button Alpha recently had a wonderful post called the Frog Story about offering an encouraging word. That got me to thinking...sending an encouraging letter may be one of the best things you can do for someone else.

Surely there's someone in your life who would appreciate hearing something supportive. Just a short note to say "you're doing a great job" or "thank you for your efforts" could do wonders to keep someone going.

If you're sending your letter of encouragement to someone who is facing a problem, work extra hard at NOT offering unsolicited advice. Don't tell them what to do; don't tell them they should've done something differently. Just say, "keep trying" or "way to go!"

Include your favorite encouraging quote. Don't know one? Use an Internet search engine (such as Google) to look up "encouraging quotes." There are plenty out there. Or, maybe send a copy of your favorite poem. If you have a personal story to share, then share it, too. Maybe about a time your persevered or maybe even a time you failed but survived.

Who should you write to? Oh, a young person would be great. Today's youth seem to be under much more stress than we were years ago. How about someone who is struggling financially or who has lost their job? I'm sure they would love to hear that you're thinking about them. How about someone who is about to graduate, just got a promotion, has a new baby, recently retired? Any of those people would enjoy a kind word.

Don't think you have to be obvious and mention their struggles. Just a card to say "I'm thinking about you and I admire you" will let them know you care.

It's a challenge. Write an encouraging letter this weekend. Mail it on Monday.


Karen said...

Thanks! That reminds me I should write a letter to my parents. Nice blog!

Meekiyu said...

what a great message... I recently sent a care package of random snacks and a little note to my friend in law school encouraging her during her finals. I also send random hallmark ecards to my friends too. =D

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

What a lovely challenge.

Happy May,
'Aunt Amelia'

AlpHa Buttonpusher said...

That is such a beautiful idea.

REDLAN said...

This is really helps. Writing an encouraging letter is great. BTW, I posted abut handwriting and I mentioned your blog. Keep it up Carla.

Deborah@ The Painted Nest said...

Thanks for the sweet encouragement ~~~I've been writing letter's today. Blessings, Deborah

Newfangled said...

Hi Carla,

Very interesting concept you have about letter writing. You might find this conceptual art project interesting:

It was all done in an effort to encourage letter writing as a lost art form. I was involved in the project and had a blast.

ayearofletters said...

The "encouraging word" is one of my favorite letters to write. They fit in niceley for those "one time" letters, where you know correspondence isn't the reason you're writing.

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