Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Recycling and Writing Letters!

I love stationery. Cute, quirky, simple, doesn't really matter. I just almost can't resist it.

But, I know that stationery -- especially fancy stationery -- isn't necessary for letter writing. Believe me, a letter written on plain notebook paper will be just as enthusiastically received as one written on expensive paper.

Even if you don't have access to notebook paper, there is paper all around that can be recycled into writing paper, envelopes, cards, etc. I'm always saving different types of paper to reuse, such as the comics from the Sunday newspaper, magazine pages, pages from damaged books, etc.

But, if you're really into to recycling or really need paper, there are even more sources of paper readily packaging, junk mail, computer printouts that are no longer needed, old school papers, etc. Sometimes, it takes a little creativity to use paper that has already been used. Addresses can be difficult to see if the paper has words or pictures on it, so you might need to use labels. Other options are to write the address on a small piece of paper and tape it to the envelope or to use some type of correction fluid or tape to make a spot on the envelope to write on. With such techniques, you might need to place clear tape over the address to make sure it doesn't smudge, scrape or fall off.

Limner over at Oh, Write Me has been blogging about some great mailings she's making from recycled Whole Foods Market paper bags. Click on over there. You'll be amazed by her talent!

Earth Day is coming up later this month (April 22), and these ideas are great ways of combining Earth-friendly ways with letter writing! Do you have any other ideas? Share them with us!

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Limner said...

I agree! Pens love paper, and doesn't discriminate. Letter writers have such discriminating taste though. :D That flour bag is an ideal way to share a recipe. I want to try it. Comic strips are like extras. I wonder how they hold up against The Mangler. You just gave me an idea! We had croissants at the Three Brothers Bakery. No way can I let the container go.

Thanks for the nod! :) You're a dear. We shopped at a different WFM after my appointment today. They have more of the bags. Yay for me! LOL.

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