Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Easy letter writing

Sometimes, even those of us who love to write letters get overwhelmed by everyday life and don't have time to mail out long, newsy letters. Here are some ideas for keeping up your correspondence during National Letter Writing Month, even when you are super busy:

* Put together a mini letter writing kit and keep it in your purse, backpack, briefcase, portfolio, etc. include some simple stationery, stamps, a pen, addresses of people you write to regularly. You'll be ready to write, any time, any place. 

* Remember that every "letter" doesn't have to be monumental mail. Send a postcard or a greeting card with a note written in the blank spaces. 

* Actually schedule in time to write letters. Once it's on your calendar, you'll make time for it. 

* Write your letter in snippets, a little now and more later. Let your letter's recipient know what you're doing. Write down the date and time of each entry. It's sort of like a journal letter.

* Get a nice sized envelope -- maybe 6x9 inches or even just a large greeting card envelope -- and keep it handy for a letter to a specific person. As you go through your day or week, fill the envelope with clippings from magazines and newspapers or even printouts from something you saw online...a cartoon you thought was funny, a recipe, an article about someone from your hometown. When you think of something to say, write it down on a sticky note or some other small note paper and put it in the envelope. When you have enough to make a suitable package letter, seal it up and put it in the mail.

Happy letterwriting!

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Limner said...

Thanks for this post! These tips and suggestions in action really make the recipient feel special: They know you've invested time, thought and energy into doing something just for you. Anna does this, and I try to reciprocate. I'll even write to her about the shows on PBS, and documentaries on HBO that are specific to England and their monarchs while I'm watching. It's fun! She even sends recipes. :)

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