Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Celebrating World Stationery Day!

Today, April 26, 2017, is known as World Stationery Day, in conjunction with National Stationery Week and the London Stationery Show, which wraps up today. The theme of this year's World Stationery Day is "Writing matters."

On the World Stationery Day website, there are quite a few examples of why writing matters, including an A to Z list of reasons.

To me, writing -- as in handwriting a letter on real paper -- matters because it is a personal connection between the sender and the receiver. It's a tangible communication, something both people involved actually touched.

From another perspective, that of a writer, (hand)writing matters because it allows my thoughts to flow onto the page in a way that typing on a computer or phone keyboard doesn't. Some things that are in my mind just need to be written by hand on paper.

Why does writing matter to you?


K of TAF said...

I completely agree. While I don't always hand write my blog entries, I do first hand write my marketing papers, and my letters/thank you notes 99.99% of the time.
Handwritten makes it more personal and clearly shows your attention to detail.

Karen said...

I've been told that writing by hand will help you write from the heart -- the biological connection of blood from the heart running to your fingertips. I love that analogy. I love to journal, write letters, and write first drafts for stories, by hand.

TK of TAF said...

Karen - I love this... perhaps that's what is behind the drive of my hand written notes too!
K of TAF

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