Monday, July 25, 2016

For the love of snail mail

I came across a post on Odyssey today by Gabrielle LaFrank, a journalism major at San Jose State University. She writes about why "snail mail" is important, even in today's technologically advanced society.

One of the most interesting things she has to say is:
"My generation is likely the last to remember getting letters in the mail, but I hope that we can take it upon ourselves to continue the tradition. It's personal and it's fun. It's a way to get away from the screens and get to know the people you meet. 
Just like the difference between holding a book and skimming words on an iPad, reading a handwritten letter is a lot more special than scrolling through status updates that probably weren't meant for you anyways."

I think my generation often thinks that as well, and we're a bit older than Gabrielle (I was a journalism major at Texas Tech University quite a few years ago). So, for all of us letter writers out there, maybe there is hope. If we all keep encouraging the next generation to pick up pen and paper and write a "real" letter, maybe the tradition will live on.

Thanks, Gabrielle, for the positive words on letter writing!

Be sure to go read her entire post: Why Snail Mail and Postcards Need to Make a Comeback

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Jenny said...

My husband & I recently sat down to write a chain letter to his mother. (Is that what you call it? He wrote a letter than I picked up where he left off & wrote one as well....all on the same pages?)

When she received it it instead of writing back she called us. We talked about how much we miss getting letters since his grandmother passed away. She & my husband wrote letters back & forth for well over 40 yrs. He was around 4 yrs old when they started & they wrote each other until her death when he was in his mid 40's. She wrote THE best letters & we still have many of them.

Though we don't receive them often we do still receive them, & surprisingly the few we get are from younger women. I don't think letters will ever be what they were...they aren't necessary for communicating anymore. But I do think they will not die out.

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