Thursday, May 5, 2016

300 years later, letter still sparks dreams of treasure

A letter written 300 years ago this month and currently located at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia details the location of buried treasure, presumably pirates' treasure.

There's an interesting story in PhillyVoice about the letter, and the Historical Society had a piece on it on its Hidden Histories blog.

It's fascinating to wonder if any letters written today will still be around in 300 years.


Limner said...

What a read! Thanks.

Current Location: Baltimore, MD said...

This is a great fun blog. Very cool. I went ahead and followed so I can see your updates! I stumbled upon the blog while looking up material on an old letter that I an actually researching for my own blog. It's an old Civil War letter that I've done a lot of research on and found more information about that I thought possible. You can check it out if you want...might be up your alley.

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