Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Finding Penpals on Postcrossing

Postcards Exchange

365 Letters has had blog posts about finding penpals and posts about the postcard exchange site Postcrossing. Today's post is going to combine both of those topics.

If you're a member of Postcrossing or maybe even if you've ever looked into joining, you might know that in your Postcrossing profile you can indicate if you're open to "direct swaps." Direct swaps are postcard exchanges that are in addition to the regular Postcrossing exchanges.

But, there's another aspect to Postcrossing...the forums. There, Postcrossing members post messages about a variety of topics. One of the forum sections is labeled "Pen-Friendships/Penpals." There, members post a little bit of information about themselves and state their interest in finding penpals. Most of them ask potential penpals to send them a Postcrossing message to exchange addresses privately.

So, if you are a letter writer interested in finding people around the world to exchange letters, postcards or small gifts with, try Postcrossing's forums. You'll likely find some kindred spirits there.

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