Monday, May 4, 2015

A Letter Can be a Beautiful Gift

This coming Sunday, May 10, will be Mother's Day in the United States. If you're in the market for a
Mother's Day gift, consider a letter to your mom!

Whether a letter is the only thing you can afford to give the mother in your life or if it's just one thing among many that you give this weekend, it's almost certain to be cherished.

If you aren't sure what you should say in such a letter, consider some of these ideas:

* Recall a specific memory, a favorite outing the two of you had when you were a kid, even a luncheon the two of you had recently...tell your mom what it meant to you. Share your feelings with her.

* Spill the beans ... was there something that you did when you were a kid, maybe something that caused some stress back then but is funny to look back on now? Come clean! Tell your mom the truth, finally! And, say it with a smile or at least a smiley face drawn at the end of your letter.

* Make it an invitation. Invite your mom over to your house for dinner. Or, plan to visit her and take her out to the movies or theater or even just a drive in the country.

* Include something ... a picture of her grandkids (or grandpets); a CD (or cassette tape or a USB drive) with a recording from you on it — maybe it's you singing her favorite song or just a recording of your voice talking to her; a clipping from the newspaper or a magazine that made you think of her, a recipe, a coupon.

Don't wait too late, especially if you'll be mailing the letter. You'll want it to get there no later than Saturday.

Get to work and write that letter to your mom now!


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