Thursday, April 11, 2013

Saturday Mail to Continue

According to news released by the USPS yesterday, home mail delivery on Saturdays will continue, following a resolution by the Congress forbidding the proposed new schedule. In an attempt to save money, the USPS had decided to stop delivering mail on Saturdays. The news is great for all of us mail enthusiasts; maybe it's not so great for the postal service that still has to figure out how to meet their budget.

We'll just all have to do our part and write more letters!

And, speaking of writing letters...I can't wait to get some of these new Vintage Seed Packet stamps! Aren't they beautiful?!?

They were introduced earlier this month and are based on photographs of seed packets from a century ago. The stamps are First Class Forever stamps and cost 46 cents each; a sheet of 20 is available for $9.20.


wendy said...

OH I love the seed packet stamps, will have to see if our post office has them yet!!! I too was glad to hear we'll still have Saturday mail!! Have a wonderful weekend!

Emilie said...

I love those stamps too. :)

Anonymous said...

First time I've seen these stamps...I love them!

And...I'm so glad Saturday mail delivery will continue!

Anonymous said...

Hey-hey! I bought those last week. They're so sweet. I bought the LaFlorida too as a nod to spring. You want to keep them, so maybe I'll put one back for the future. :)

Hope you get them soon.

TomoyoHime said...

I hope I get some of these on my mail! I love vintage.

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