Tuesday, April 23, 2013

How quickly life changes

Last week, I wrote about April being a great month. Shortly after that post, two bombs exploded at the Boston Marathon. Two days later, a fertilizer business exploded here in my home state of Texas. Two more days later, the brothers suspected of creating and detonating the bombs in Boston went on a bloody crime spree that ended in the death of one brother and the injury and capture of the other.

April may be a great month, but last week was a tragic and stressful week for many people. There also was an earthquake, an avalanche and several other natural disasters, as well as more crime by mankind.

Is any of this showing up in your letters? Do you know people who have been affected by recent tragedies? Have any of your penpals written to you about any of these events?

Often, we put off writing about such topics. They are too difficult to write about. Sometimes, it seems, we put it off until it is too late to send the letter we should have written.

The CBS Sunday Morning Show had a piece on last Sunday about Jackie Hooper and her project, "The Things You Would Have Said." Jackie's website gives people the chance to write a letter saying the things you always wanted someone to know. She posts the letters on the site. I'll warn you now, it's a tear-jerker.

She also has a book out by the same name.

Do you have something you wish you had said before it was too late?

But, think about it...maybe it's not too late to write another letter to someone else. I'm not suggesting you do anything drastic. I'm just saying that some day it may be too late. Should you write that letter today? If there's a letter you need to write, maybe today is the right day to do it.

What do you think?

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