Friday, May 11, 2012

Finding people to write

I've noticed more and more blogs and websites featuring the theme of letter writing. I think it's great!

As you can see, I appreciate technology, and that includes email, texting, blogging, etc. But, I also think there is much value in the handwritten letter; even a typed or computer-printed and then mailed letter evokes a different feeling than an email or text message.

One frequent topic I've noticed on many blogs is an issue I faced when I was writing a letter a day — finding people who will write back. Most of us can think of plenty of people to write letters to — friends, family, celebrities, businesses, politicians, etc. — but getting those people to write a return missive isn't so easy. And, we generally understand. People are busy. And, most haven't seen a piece of stationery or a real postage stamp in months, if not years.

But, still, we want to write letters. And, we want our mailbox to be filled with fun messages.

Really, the problem is easy to solve...with penpals.

Back in the old days, there were all sorts of penpal clubs that you could send your name to. Then, you either received a letter from a penpal or were sent the name and address of someone to write. That's not such a common practice anymore, but you can still find people to write to.

One easy way is to check out some of the blogs by letter writing fanatics. There's a list on the left side of this blog. Several bloggers provide their address on their blog in hopes of receiving mail. For example, Olive at the blog billionsandbillions has her address posted on her blog. Others, like Nicole of BADbadFrancine might not have their address posted,  but they often leave clues for fellow letter writers, such as showing their address on photos of their incoming mail.

You can also find letter writers via swap sites, Postcrossing, and sites like Penpal of the Week, where Julie posts interviews with letter writers, as well as "ads" from people seeking new penpals.

As a word of precaution, if you are slightly concerned about sending out your home address to strangers, consider getting a U.S. post office box or using your work address (or your parents' work address, if you're a younger letter writer).

Check back Monday when I'll have some tips for writing that first letter to a new penpal.

Happy Letterwriting!


TheSnailMailer said...

I'd also like to through,, and into the mix. Sendsomething is more about penpalling, postcrossing may be a surprise, but I have 2 pen pals from there - postcards that turned into more, and swapbot which I haven't tried but heard good things about.

Lavenderlemon said...

Thankyou for mentioning me in your post ! So honored :)

AustÄ—ja said...

Really great post. I was looking for something like this for a longest time! I love handwritten letters, i used to write a lot of them. But now it's really hard to find someone to write to - just like you said. I hope your tips will be helpful for me, in my search. Thanks! :)

LetterWriter said...

Fantastic article - I really think that penpalling is coming back in style as people realise the old fashioned letters in the mail carry much more emotion and personality than emails and social posts. I have been using a club called - Its a quality penpal site that screens all members - i now have friends all over the world.

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