Friday, January 13, 2012

Share Your Canceled Stamps

At our house, we already save Box Tops for the school, and we save a variety of other things for re-using and recycling, as well as for just collecting. I often save brightly colored envelopes for papermaking projects.

I used to save stamps for a stamp collection, but I haven't done that in many years. Now, there's another reason to save used stamps. The Foxborough Regional Charter School in Foxborough, Massachusetts, is collecting canceled stamps for use in a project to honor the memories the 11 million Holocaust victims and to celebrate the lives of those who still survive today and bravely share their powerful personal memories and stories.

They are trying to collect 11 million stamps, one for each person killed. They still need more than 10,500,00 stamps.  If you'll click on the Foxborough link above,  you'll get all the details on where to send your old stamps.

I found the story on Dana's Save Snail Mail blog, and she found it on Lucas Johnson's Lucas Writes blog. Those are great blogs, and the Foxborough project is a great class project.


TheSnailMailer said...

I think Misty at The Pen Thief also reported on it. And if anybody is interested in a similar story, please watch the movie Paperclips

SueFitz said...

Thank you for letting me know I have several 100 stamps to get rid of and this seems like a very worthy cause.

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