Friday, June 17, 2011

More reasons to hand-write letters

Despite the many reasons we have nowadays for communicating in non-handwriting ways — the speed of a text message, the convenience of a phone call, the ease of an email — there are a few good reasons to keep on writing by hand and to encourage youngsters to do the same.

According to a recent LA Times article, The Many Perks of Good Handwriting, "handwriting increases brain activity, hones fine motor skills, and can predict a child's academic success..." Additionally, the article states, handwriting instills confidence and improves memory. All good reasons to keep writing those letters!

If you're interested in practicing your handwriting or helping someone else with their handwriting, do an internet search for "handwriting practice sheets" or some similar phrase. The website lets you make practice worksheets using any word(s) you want to practice.

If you're looking for some examples of some old-fashioned handwriting styles, visit the website of the International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers and Teachers of Handwriting. There are all sorts of styles of handwriting illustrated there, as well as some lined pages you can print out to practice on.

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The Missive Maven said...

Great post - thanks for the fun links!

Bev Sykes said...

We practiced The Palmer Method of handwriting when I was in grammar school...the problem of which was that it made NO concessions for left handed people, so I always got bad marks in penmanship because I couldn't hold a pen the way that everyone else did.

clara said...

I just found your blog and love this post. I have a kid going into 3rd grade which is when they start teaching cursive. I love writing and was thinking of starting a penmanship club at school (yeah, geeky! I know!) But I figured that lots of girls (maybe some boys? maybe not) might like to practice writing and learn how to make letters/lettering and even experiment with an old-fashioned dip pen/ink. In researching this newly found interest of mine, I learned that many states no longer require cursive to be learned. that's crazy. I posted a link to this article on my new blog (it's under the Penmanship Club page). looking forward to seeing what other good stuff you have on your blog. :)

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