Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Letter Writing Topics #30-36

I'm working on catching up my list of letter writing topics to today's date. (Read here for a brief explanation about why I'm a little bit behind in posting.)

Letter #30: Write a letter describing the stupidest email scam you've ever received. On a daily basis, I get email after email from scammers claiming they have very large sums of money that they're just dying to give me. Some claim to literally be dying, and for some reason they want to give all their money to me. Others purport to be from U.S. soldiers, the FBI, deposed world leaders, etc. Of course, all I have to do to receive the millions I'm offered is to send them my name, phone number, address and sometimes my bank account info and social security number. Needless to say, I've never received any of this wealth. But, then, I've never contacted any of the scammers. Do you get those emails, too? Write about it in a letter.

Letter #31: Write a letter about the condition of your desktop. I won't go into details about mine, but understand that I do NOT believe in the adage of "cluttered desk, cluttered mind."

Letter #32: Write a letter about where your ancestors came from. That's often a big deal to Americans, since many have ancestors who were immigrants from another country. But, even if your family has lived on the same piece of land for centuries, that will be interesting to your pen pal.

Letter #33: Write a letter about the word you misspell most often.

Letter #34: Write about your favorite magazine. Oh, I know. Print is supposed to be obsolete. But, is there a magazine you still enjoy reading the paper and ink version of? Write about it!

Letter #35: Write a letter to or about your grandfather.

Letter #36: Write a letter telling the recipient what you admire most about him/her. Make it sincere. Say it with love.

Happy letter writing!

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