Monday, February 21, 2011

Letter Writing Topics #16-22

I'm trying to catch up the list of letter writing topics for 2011. I've fallen a little behind in my postings (for the brief details, read here).

Letter #16: Write a letter you don't want to put off any longer. Is there something you need to say to someone? Something you've been meaning to write but keep putting off? Maybe there's no reason other than you've been busy. Write that letter today.

Letter #17: Write a letter to your Dad today. If you can't do that, write a letter about your Dad or to someone you think of as a Dad.

Letter #18: Do you have a cat or a dog? A fish? A bird? A hamster? A snake, turtle, lizard? What kind of a pet do you have? If you don't have one, what kind of a pet do you wish you had? What pet did you have in the past? Write a letter about your pet, or one you wish you had, today.

Letter #19: Write about an event that has changed your life.

Letter #20: What's your favorite snack? Do you have a sweet tooth or do you crave something salty? Do you prefer a mid-afternoon snack or a midnight snack? Write a letter about your snacking habits today!

Letter #21: Write a letter about your dream job. Maybe it's the job you have now. Maybe it's a job you're hoping to get.

Letter #22: Write about your technology level. Do you have the latest, greatest cell phone, laptop, electronic reader, etc.? Are you on Facebook, Twitter, Blogger and more? Or, do you have a rotary-dial phone at home and go down to the library to read blogs? Write a letter about your technology skills or lack thereof.

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Barbara said...

I am so sorry! I appreciate your blog - I'm a new reader - but also appreciate that you need to take care of yourself first.

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