Thursday, December 3, 2009

Reasons to Write Letters

Why write a letter? Here are a few reasons to write a letter:

~ To share some good news with a friend or loved one
~ To wish someone a happy birthday, a joyous Hanukkah, merry Christmas, happy New Year, a good day, etc.
~ To introduce yourself to a new friend/penpal
~ To respond to a letter you've received
~ To thank someone for something
~ To apologize for something...maybe that it's taken you so long to write back
~ To offer an encouraging word to someone who needs a little boost

Those are just a few ideas. Why do you write letters? Do you have other reasons?


phonelady said...

I write letters because i feel like I am writing an old friend whom I have not seen in a while . LOL !!!

J. said...

I write letters because it id the personal way to be with friend with whom I can be with, because they live far from me.

RiverwoodWriter said...

I write letters just to reach out and touch others, to let them know they're being thought of or to encourage, comfort, or inspire them in some way.

There's a Facebook group called "Revive the art of personal notewriting!" Come share your "365 Letters" journey with other group members.

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