Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Letter Can Make A Difference

Those of us who write letters usually think that our letters can make a difference. Maybe we'll brighten a friend's day, or lend support to someone who needs a friend to lean on.

Sometimes, if we've written the right letter, we might make a more wide-spread difference. A complaint to a manufacturer might result in a problem being fixed or a faulty product being improved. A compliment letter to a boss might get a raise or at least some praise for a diligent employee. Often it takes more than one letter to change a politician's vote, but each letter counts.

A story from Colorado Springs, Colo., tells of a little boy's letter that made a difference. According to the story on, Quinn Cunningham wrote a letter to the city's street department. It seems the sidewalks at his sister's school did not have ramps for people with disabilities. Quinn knew that many students at the school have special needs, including his sister, although she's now a former student.

It's quite a story. There's a video interview at the site, too.

Have you ever written a letter that made a difference? Have you ever received a letter that made a difference in your life? Tell me about it!


phonelady said...

That is so awesome and this has made my day . Kuddos to that little boy and god bless him . Have a great day and I hope my letters brighten your day .

Midlife Jobhunter said...

I think just about every letter I receive has its own special qualitiy. As for complaint letters? Have written a couple of those. Amazed when I received a positive response.

AuBien said...

My first visit to your blog...what a great idea! I received a letter from my paternal grandfather as a child (my mother and "father" divorced before my first birthday and I never saw my "father"'s family)...he drew pictures of himself in the letter and was really quite funny. I was completely fascinated with it. I was fascinated that I was finally important enough to be acknowledged by the "family."

Looking forward to reading more of your blog!

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