Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Too Much Bad News

Professionally, I'm in the news business. I write features articles for newspapers. Now, traditionally, "features" have been the upbeat, happy, fluffy side of the "news." But, still, I, like many people, am more or less addicted to the hardcore news of the day. I read the Associated Press wire stories that are posted every day. And, the stories are so depressing nowadays. There are mass murders and rapes in the news every day, along with stories of horrible child abuse and animal abuse.

It's really getting to be just too upsetting. Let's try to change the atmosphere a little bit. Write a letter today with only good, happy news in it. And then, mail it to someone you think could use an uplifting thought!

Don't have any good news of your own to share? Look around the Internet...there really is a lot of good news out there. Here are some sites: HappyNews, the GoodNewsNetwork (requires a low-cost subscription), GoodNewsDaily has mostly positive articles, the GoodNewsBroadcast seeks out good news, but I'm not sure the "Millions of Tax Refunds May Be Delayed" story is all that positive, Tonic has lots of good news, too, and the GoodNewsGazette says "Happiness is contagious."

So, let's share some good, happy news today!

(I found the smiley face at the top of the page at Smiley-Faces.org with lots of smileys to download or hotlink to.)


phonelady said...

Oh my yes it is so nice to get a snail mail letter with some good cherry news such as your letter was to me . I loved the fact that you now have a dog and I love dogs and am so a dog person . Oh well good for you to suggest such a thing and thanks for sharing and posting such an uplifting blog .

Laura said...

That's a great idea! I will do just that and send off a positive note to someone today.

A wonderful week to you,

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