Monday, March 20, 2017

Spring is Here!

Happy Spring to everyone in the Northern Hemisphere! And, Happy Autumn to those in the Southern Hemisphere!

Around here, last week was Spring Break for many students, although it's feeling more like summer. Today's high is expected to be 94 degrees without a drop of rain in the forecast!

This past weekend, my family and I traveled across the state to see my mom and my brother and his family. After a shopping trip with my mom, she wanted to take the back roads home and stop at the little country post office not far from her house. She mailed a couple of cards, and I snapped some photos of the Knickerbocker, Texas, Post Office. There’s not much else in Knickerbocker, but the post office serves the residents in southwestern Tom Green County. It’s located in a red brick building that was constructed in 1926 as a school. The space is shared with the community center.

I like to buy stamps online at because there are so many stamps available, but I also try to make time to stop by the local post office to give them some business. Online shopping is fun, but we do still need brick-and-mortar post offices! Visit one in your town today! Buy some stamps! Mail some letters!

Happy letterwriting!

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Limner said...

I did a double take the moment I saw the historical marker. Had to Google the town. :) They're enjoying 89 degree temp. There was a population of 50 in 1990. "The population remained the same in 2000." (Handbook of Texas.)

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