Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Great Air Mail Sticky Notes!

There’s a recognized phenomena that involves “coincidence.” And, it happens to me all of the time.

Have you ever been thinking about someone and then they call or text? Have you ever seen something on Facebook and then the topic is everywhere, even in non-social media places?  It could be that the topic is just trending in the world, but it also could be synchronicity or “Baader-Meinhof phenomenon” or frequency illusion.

Whatever you call it, I find that once I focus on letter writing, I see related things everywhere. TV shows and songs mention letters; even my daughter’s high school recently had the kids write thank you letters to the community’s first responders. 

Last weekend, I was wandering around Walmart, waiting on the pharmacy to fill a prescription, when I came across these air mail-themed Sticky Notes. They start out opened up flat, but the directions show how to fold them into a mini-envelope, about 2x3.5 inches.
How could I resist? Check at your local store that carries Casemate products.

Happy letter writing!


Limner said...

Thanks! :) I hope JC will get some for me.

Jan said...

I picked some up at our Walmart last year and have been having lots of fun with them - I even use them to write Happy Birthday messages on and then post them on friend's Facebook pages. =D

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