Sunday, February 14, 2016

'Love Story' couple performing in 'Love Letters'

Ryan O'Neal and Ali McGraw co-starred in 1970's "Love Story," and now they're teaming up again, this time on stage in "Love Letters."

WFSB 3 Connecticut


phonelady said...

ryan o neal is so nice . My sister and I were on a flight from ny to California once and he happened to be in the seats behind us . and he had sunglasses on but I heard the voice and I knew who it was . I turned around and I said OMG that is ryan o neal behind us and he says to me ssh , we don't want everyone knowing and he smiled . He started a conversation with us asking us where we were from etc , asked about our familys just a real personable guy . I will never forget that .

Mark Brownlie said...

Interesting clip. Thanks for posting. I came to this site as I was thinking about starting a 365 day letter writing challenge. I am just completing my first foray in to the project - INCOWRIMO, and I've now written 29 letters for the leap year month. I enjoyed the process so much, I thought about extending it to a year. I started googling, largely looking for ideas about to whom I should write, when I came upon your site. I'm so pleased to see that it can be done!

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