Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Google Celebrates the Pony Express

Have you seen Google's Doodle today? It's great! The image honors the 155th anniversary of the Pony Express, which started in April 1860. If you go to google.com and click on the Pony Express image, you can play a little game of picking up letters to deliver.

For more information about the Pony Express, visit the Pony Express National Museum in St. Joseph, Missouri, or its website, www.ponyexpress.org. For more information about Google's Pony Express image and game, visit the Google Doodle page.


Limner said...

I played the pony express game and did not do well. I kept thinking of the commercial where the cowboy gets knocked off his horse by The End! LOL!

Christina said...

I played the game yesterday--it was much harder that it initially looked! ;)

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