Wednesday, February 6, 2013

One less day of mail

The U.S. Postal Service announced today that it will discontinue mail delivery on Saturdays.

The new schedule will begin the week of August 5, 2013, and will save the USPS about $2 billion annually.

Packages will continue to be delivered Monday through Saturday, but letters will be delivered only Monday through Friday.

You can read more here

What do you think about this?


TomoyoHime said...

In Belgium there is only mail from Monday till Friday. It makes Mondays a little more fun, as there were two no-mail days before, you have more chance to get something in your mailbox.

Anonymous said...

While I am sad that there will be no more mail days on a weeekend i understand why they are doing this. guess it means more mail on mondays!

Aggie said...

Unfortunately while it saves money it will also cost 193,000 jobs.

Henderica said...

Rather have mail on Saturday than Monday. We hardly get mail on Monday here ;) (usually when someone posts something on Sunday)
Here in The Netherlands we usually get mail mon-sat but recently they did mention that on mon, wed & fri you can get less to no mail so most of our mail we'll get on tue, thu & sat and times between 11:00 & 18:00

Leslie F. said...

My friend Jenna and I are trying to send a love letter to the USPS in light of this change. I have ALWAYS loved getting the mail--even just one day less makes me sad, although I do understand the business rationale.

Check out our salute to the USPS and spread the word and join in if you can!


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