Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Letter #323 -- Favorite Pen?

What's your favorite writing utensil? Write a letter with your favorite pen (or pencil) about why it's your favorite pen. Do you like a ballpoint? A fountain pen? A rollerball? A gel pen? Why? Do you like a thin, sharp line or a thick, softer line? Has your choice of writing instrument changed through the years? Tell someone about it!


Blu-I'd-Blonde said...

Oh, wow, I'm enjoying your blog. When it comes to pens a fountain pen is my favorite, but it's hard to find really nice ones that aren't too pricey. I like them very fine too. The gel Uniball Vision Elite, fine-point, with blue-black ink comes as close to a fountain pen that I can find.

My favorite ballpoint is the Bic four-color pen with fine-point, which has been my fav. since business school in the 1960's. The Pilot BetterGrip fine-point comes next--I had a hard time finding and had to buy it on the internet. jZebra has some really nice pens too.

Then I stumbled across an Art Pen at a craft store many years ago that writes a fine script. When I can find the cartridges for it's a lot of fun.

Probably more info than you wanted. But there you go. I seem to slways have to buy a new pen, even when I have hundreds at home. Thanks for reading.

365 Letters said...

When I'm writing letters, I too like a fine-point pen or a fountain/cartridge pen. I even have a really old-fashioned "dip pen." It's fun to use. On the other hand, when I'm writing for myself, taking notes, writing drafts, etc., I like a very sharp pencil.

Thanks for the comments! I enjoyed reading them!

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