Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Letter #104 - Encouraging Letter to a Student

If you have kids and/or grandkids or are involved in schools in anyway, you know that, for many school systems in the United States, as well as many other countries, we're in the last few weeks of the school year. Many school years end in late May or early June, and then the kids get a summer break. For students on that schedule, this time of year is a time of testing. It's also springtime around here, so the weather is warming up, flowers are blooming, and it's difficult to keep a kid interested in math and spelling when it's so pretty outside. Today, write a letter to a student, encouraging him or her to keep up the good work until the end of the year. If you can, offer to help. Be empathetic, remembering how tempting it is to shrug off the work at the end of the year but also remembering how important it is to stay steady to the end. Maybe even offer a small reward, such as a fun visit to a park or a shopping trip once the school year has ended.

Letter writing topic for April 14, 2010

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