Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Letter #75

Letter writing topic for March 16, 2010:

A few days ago I heard the song "Navajo Rug," written by Ian Tyson (and maybe co-written by Tom Russell -- I see both references online, and I'm not finding anything official this morning) and recorded separately by Tyson, Russell and Jerry Jeff Walker. Here are some of the lyrics:
...Just a CaƱon, Colorado, diner
And a waitress I did love.
I sat in the back 'neath an old stuffed bear
And a worn out Navajo rug.
Old Jack, the boss, he left at six
And it’s Katy, bar the door.
She pulled down that Navajo rug
And she spread it ‘cross the floor.
Aye, aye, aye, Katy, shades of red and blue.
Aye, aye, aye, Katy, whatever became of the Navajo rug and you,
Katy, shades of red and blue.
I saw Ol’ Jack about a year ago.
He said “The place burned to the ground
And all I saved was this ol’ bear tooth
And Katy, she’s left town.
But Katy, she got her souvenir too.”
Jack spat a tobacco plug.
“You shoulda seen her comin’ through the smoke
Draggin’ that Navajo rug.”

I was wondering, what would you save from a fire? A few years ago when a grassfire threatened our home when my husband was there by himself, he spent his time helping the firefighters and neighbors who came and rescued our house. At one time, when it looked like the fire might not be beat back, he left the house. I was at work (a newspaper office), listening to the drama on the police scanner. What I heard was mostly the dispatcher relaying information to the firefighters. With Tony decided to leave the house, I heard the dispatcher say something like, "The home owner is abandoning the house and seeking safety." Of course, I assumed our house was about to burn down. Fortunately, a neighbor showed up with a bulldozer and cut a firebreak that stopped the fire in its tracks. Later, Tony said he had looked around the house and couldn't figure out what to try and save, so he just shut the door and left. I would much rather he save himself than die trying to rescue "stuff." If all we'd had of sentimental value had been one Navajo rug, his decision might have been easier.

Today, write a letter about what's important in your house. What would you save, if you could? What has great sentimental value to you?

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Angela said...

When I was little I knew what I would have saved - my stuffed animals! But nowadays? I think I would have done it like Tony, just look around for a good-bye and then close the door. What`s worth getting burned for? I really wouldn`t know. Interesting thought, though.

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